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Valuation Types

All our valuations are what is termed “RICS Red Book” compliant subsequently the International valuation standards and generated on the assumption of vacant possession thus do not take into consideration trading businesses and incumbents

fastsurveyors desktop valuation

Desktop valuations

The simplest valuation type, no on-site visit and a broad range of assumptions have to be made.  The instruction data is key here as is the ability find data and comparables through market research. The valuation is generated on the assumptions of layout, sizing, quality and condition. The surveyor local knowledge plays a key role evaluating the area the property resides as there is no visit. This still has to be booked into a surveyor’s diary as whilst there is no access to arrange, time must be set aside to undertake the research.
fastsurveyors drive-by valuation

Drive-by valuations

As the name suggest this is a desktop valuation but incorporating a site visit to the frontage, remember no access is gained to the site. This allows the surveyor to at least lay eyes on the property and the area. Whilst assumptions still must made regarding the internals of the property a large element of assumption and risk can be removed regarding the external appearance and immediate vicinity.
fastsurveyors mortgage valuation

Standard residential valuations

This is the most common offering of valuation report suitable for a multitude of valuation needs such as mortgages, property exchanges, bridging loans and probate matters. This report format looks at all aspects of the property from location, type, construction, condition, saleability and essentially a market value and market value with assumptions. A list of at least three comparable properties is also reported upon and the reasoning behind their selection. A good all-purpose reporting format suitable for conventional residential property types
fastsurveyors detailed valuation

Detailed residential valuations

This extends our normal reporting format to go into more detail in all key aspects of the property including environmental factors. This valuation report is much more useful to a client looking to seek more in-depth valuation advice on property which maybe unique in some way e.g. high value, listed or multiple units on one title.
fastsurveyors buy to let valuation

Standard residential valuations including BTL

We grow on the standard report format and include a rental assessment for those clients who may have a letting interest. The rental assessment will help to provide information on rental figures but also the market scene behind these figures along with justification and market appetite. A key insight for investment purposes.
fastsurveyors light refurbishment valuation

Light refurbishment valuations

A valuation is provided on the as-is nature of a property undergoing works internally or maybe an extension to an existing residence. A view will also be given as to the value of the end product and cost assumptions if none are provided. This is a great way to evaluate the value of a property both currently and when complete. This does not factor in staged release of funds as it is expected works will be of a relatively light development nature. In addition to this a full picture is given to support this valuation of the market, surroundings, comparables, condition, saleability, environmental factors and much more.
fastsurveyors development valuation

Full development appraisal valuations

We have report formats suited to more complex ground up developments and even specifically land with planning. This will factor in full schedule of works, assumed costings if none are provided, development profits and a full residual calculation. In addition to the initial reports follow up inspections can also be scheduled to check the release of funds and subsequent works aligns with that originally reported. All commercial factors will be reported on as part of deriving the valuation.
fastsurveyors commercial valuation

Commercial valuations

This provides a valuation on commercial properties from mixed/semi commercial (shop flat above) to industrial units, hotels or even large licensed HMO’s. The valuation will look at all commercial factors in the derivation of the valuation and a list of comparable evidence and reasoning will be provided to give a clear insight as to how the surveyor has arrived at their conclusions.